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I am a UI designer and front-end developer at Pearson Education in Colorado. Although my background is in graphic art, I've fallen in love with instructional UI design in digital education after working and networking with instructional designers at work over the past few years.

I'm passionate about intergrating user experience and instructional design and discovering learners' needs based on learner research and testing.

I aim for practical learner experience as well as aesthetic minimalist design, all the while balancing the needs of learning and technology to build successful educational products.

My passion

In learning experience design, my goal is to help students improve learning outcomes using a digital medium. A big part of LXD is designing a user interface that supports and enhances the cognitive and affective processes that learning involves.

“Think Human-Centered” is my professional motto, and I aim to create effective user experience based on behavior science.

Mainly I am passionate about making a positive difference in the lives of all students especially for young adults. I am dedicated to provide effective, authentic and innovative design based on usability heuristics and best practices in UX design.

Learner research

Learner Research focuses on understanding learner behaviors, needs, and motivations through observation techniques and feedback process.

Web based learning

Providing Web-based learning components that work anywhere and anytime to enhance students’ performance and interactivity in learning.

Learner centered

Motivating learners by giving them some control over learning processes, and encouraging them to reflect on what they are learning and how they are learning.

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  • Facebook Blueprint

    Blueprint is a new education program that trains agencies, partners and marketers on how to use Facebook, so they can create better campaigns that drive business results.

    gender intelligence learning experiences

    Gender intelligence learning experiences via the Intrepid Learning Hub™ online learning environment, to deliver effective instruction through short-form content, applied practice, and highly interactive social features.

    Creative Designs for Instructional Materials - Infographic

    A project of creating an instructional infographic to teach audiences a topic of social issue in our community.

  • Coming soon!

    New project update is coming soon!

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